Complete Booking Services and Earn Discount GlowPoints!

What are GlowPoints?

Stylist Piazza Glow points are reward tokens/points gained by customers for using the services of the platform, The is to keep rewarding active users of the platform, providing up to 100% off discounts in form of coupons.

How does it work?

1. Earn GlowPoints – Customers earn GlowPoints for every successful service booking completed on the platform. For every #1,000, customers get 1,000 GlowPoints.

  • 5% discount = 5000 glowpoint
  • 10% Discount = 10,000 glowpoint
  • 20% Discount = 20,000 glowpoint

User Journey Earning Glowpoint

Client Registered an account = N500 & 1000 glowpoint (signup bonus)
Client refers a new friend = N500 glowpoint

Volume metrics Earning Glowpoint

When a client A or client B uses the platform for regular booking they both earn a 2% cashback
in glowpoint on completed bookings

Start booking on the Stylist Piazza app today and earn GlowPoints to enjoy amazing discounts on services.
Terms and conditions apply!


N10,000 completed booking = 200 Glowpoint to the client
N50,000 completed booking = 1000 Glowpoint to the client
N100,000 completed booking = 2000 glowpoint to the client